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Mr Geoff Pomroy

ISIS Transport Solutions

"ISIS Transport Solutions appointed Coombe Garage Tyres Ltd as its sole supplier of tyres and tyre repairs based on its competitive pricing and highly responsive service. They look after all our vehicles both within the UK and Europe and take the headache out of managing tyres."

Mr Rex D Jeffrey

Managing Director
Holders of Congresbury

"Holders of Congresbury have built their reputation over 50 years on the back of good customer service. Why, over such a long period of time, have Holders stuck with one single tyre distributor? Coombe Garage Tyres ltd has provided us the highest level of service, at the most competitive prices, consistently and without waiver and with full appreciation of what we require to do to meet our customer’s expectations. They understand our business and provide the right level of support. That’s why, simple really!"

Peter Carol

Prestige Coaching

"We have been using Coombe Garage Tyres for quite some time now and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and level of service. Even under the tightest of time restraints they have proved to be a totally reliable supplier. Highly recommended."

Mr Stuart Wring

Wrings Transport Ltd

"We have been using Coombe Garage Tyres Ltd. since we started in August 1995 as our sole tyre supplier and have had a busy but productive relationship. We have had other companies call us from time to time to get us to move our business but my answer until Coombe Garage Tyres Ltd. let us down, we will not look to change. It is not a price issue but a service level we need to get from our tyre supplier. I hope that both our companies work together for many more years to come. We started in 1995 with 1 van and now operate 64 vehicles and some 60 plus trailers and Coombe Garage Tyres Ltd. have been there all the way through."